What is a Stake4Win affiliate program?

Stake4Win affiliate programme is a professional marketing system used by individuals and corporates (who own and operate their own websites) for the purposes of promoting their products and services to their customer base to generate lifetime revenues. We also offer ready to go website for those who don’t have any website.

When a visitor comes to your site to become a referred customer (by clicking on your affiliate click-thru the referral link to the corresponding Stake4Win websites), and plays any skilled-based paid game, you earn a commission up to 5% of their net transactions value. Simultaneously you will also earn a handsome commission up to 30% from various sources like Winskart Affiliate's, Winskart Merchant, My Solutions, Pay4health, RB Landster.

Stake4Win is India’s First Online Gaming Platform that has multiple skill-based legal games that are owned and successfully operated by Stake4Win Games Pvt. Ltd.

Stake4Win.com is finely managed by our professional team with several years of experience in the online industry.

At Stake4Win you get to play Games of Skill as opposed to Games of Chance elsewhere. It is absolutely legal to play them as only skills to win are involved.

Stake4Win offers various skill-based Games like Indian Rummy, Chess, Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Sports and many more will be added soon.

How it Works

how it work

Earning Potential:

Winskart Affiliates
Winskart Merchant
My Solutions
R B Landster
Average Customers Monthly
Daily Tran/Sale 25 Pieces 50 Pieces
Average Comm/Profit 3.5% 2.5% 100/- 30% 200/- 3%
Daily Income N/A
Monthly Income


* Actual commission may differ depending on your efforts and the games played by your players.

*This example is best suitable for full timers & ACPs.

*MySolution is due to be launched within the next few months while R B Landster is not available in all cities.

*Renewal & Resale Income is not calculated here.

*You can change the figure as per your personal goals & efforts to calculate Potential of Income.

How to join:

Click on Join Now option, it only takes a few minutes to fill out the Application Form. Read our Terms and Conditions and confirm that you accept them by checking the box. Next, click on Submit Application. Now, verify your mobile, e-mail and KYC and then submit your documents from your login section at www.stake4winaffiliates.com.

Submit your website or claim your website within seven days from the date of registration. If you have your own website then submit the link from login section at www.stake4winaffiliates.com. We will verify your website from our end. If your website matches our conditions, you can start promoting your business. And you can monitor all your business from your login section of the dashboard.

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